Diagnostics provide us with information about your network adapter, wireless environment and connection speed. This data better enables us to investigate your issue and assists in providing support.

Follow these instructions to generate a network diagnostic report on your Apple MacOS device.


  1. Hold down the Option key and click the Wi-Fi icon in the top corner

2. From the menu select Open Wireless Diagnostics

3. The wireless diagnostics application will open. Click Continue.

4. Enter the password for your Mac to continue (This is not your VostroNet login)

5. Allow a few moments for the application to analyse your wireless environment.

6. When this finishes, select Continue to Summary and click Continue 

7. Skip the Additional Information and Router Summary prompts by clicking Continue twice

Your Mac will start to generate the wireless report. This may take a few minutes.

8. A finder window will open to show where the report is saved (/var/tmp)

Drag this file onto your desktop for easy access.


Send the diagnostic file to us

Please include the following details

  • Your email: The email registered to your VostroNet account.
  • Message: Room number and ticket number (or username) and summary of your issue.
  • Add your files: Upload the diagnostic file generated earlier.


Having trouble?

If you are having any problems completing the diagnostic tests, please let us know. 

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