Your XBOX 360 console will connect to XBOX Live if your VostroNet plan is active and you have not exceeded the device limit.

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi): Join the VostroNet Connect wireless network from your console
  • Ethernet (LAN cable): Connect an Ethernet LAN cable directly from your console to the wall port

Steps to Connect

  1. Turn your console on
  2. Connect to the VostroNet Connect wireless network (or plug an ethernet cable in)
  3. From the XBOX dashboard, select Apps and then select Internet Explorer
  4. Allow a moment for the browser to open and finish loading
  5. Press Y on your controller to open the Web Hub and select the Address Bar
  6. Enter this URL into the address bar to sign on to VostroNet -
  7. The legacy sign on will not display error messages. If you are have difficulties, check the status of your account by signing into the VostroNet Portal from another device.

Additional Support

VostroNet is limited in the amount of support it can provide for the configuration of individual devices. For further assistance refer to the instruction manual of your device or contact the manufacturer for support.

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